Find your inner Rockstar.

A month ago I signed up for LinkedIn premium. I mainly signed up to get access to the post carousel that I wanted to try out, but now I’m not sure if I actually need premium for that feature? Anyway, what I have discovered during this month is the LinkedIn Learning, and if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you to do so. I’m very impressed with the content and the quality, and I’m not easily impressed 😉

Among the many fantastic courses available, one that particularly stood out to me was “Leading like a CEO” by Jeff Weiner, the former CEO and current Executive Chairman of LinkedIn. Jeff dives deep into the important qualities of effective leadership, breaking it down into three pillars: awareness, synthesis, and inspiration.

While the entire course is packed with valuable insights, there’s one concept that resonated with me on a profound level “Find your inner Rockstar.” Jeff shares this gem towards the end of the 5-hour course, in the context of effective public speaking.

According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule, 93% of communication is attributed to how you deliver your message, how you communicate feelings and attitudes. When you speak passionately about a subject you truly believe in, that enthusiasm shines through. Just like a rockstar commanding the stage, let your pure, passionate energy radiate, and you’ll receive that energy back.

Be a curious creator,
with care and courage for a joyful and purposeful life in unity.

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