Own your information intake.

Own your information intake.

Can you feel it too? The overwhelming surge of information that bombards us daily, pushing our minds to the brink of overload. It’s as if my brain is a pressure cooker, ready to explode from the strain. There comes a point when I cannot absorb even a single additional piece of information. This is the reality we face as curious creators – always seeking, always absorbing, endlessly exploring and creating.

With the rapid evolution of AI, the stream of information is not only going to increase; it will explode. Moreover, this vast amount of information will likely be written with impeccable grammar, a highly professional tone, and a captivating style that entices us to read, purchase, and engage more. The question then arises: How can we effectively filter through this enormous amount of information to ensure that we acquire the knowledge we truly need? How can we find the information that challenges our preconceptions and compels us to delve deeper into understanding

To me, the awareness of the abundance of knowledge available is the most stressful factor. I am captivated by the vast amount of knowledge I would like to acquire and comprehend, as well as the potential connections to be made. However, this realisation also becomes a significant stressor — knowing that an immense amount of fascinating knowledge lies just a click away. The fear of missing out on learning, relearning, and consequently hindering my growth lingers.

To avoid feeling stressed, I’ve realised that I need to control the information I take in. I need to be in charge of how I consume information, so I can focus on getting the most valuable insights in a limited amount of time. 

We all need to take control of how we consume information to stay focused and avoid overwhelming our minds. So how do we do that?

Tips and tricks

Here are some things that help me navigate the wealth of information.

  1. Prioritise what’s truly important to you. Follow only the sources that give you aha!-moments and align with your goals and interests. Avoid mindlessly scrolling through social media and instead seek out the information you need right now.
  2. Be mindful of the emotions triggered by the information you consume. Perhaps you don’t need to watch the news twice a day or constantly browse news feeds to be inundated with the tragedies occurring in our world. Maybe it’s time to unfollow that influencer who only makes you feel inadequate and seek out someone who inspires you to become the best version of yourself.
  3. Be authentically curious. Pursue what genuinely interests you, rather than blindly following the latest trend. 
  4. Look for diversity and explore in new ways. Sometimes the most interesting information comes from places you wouldn’t expect.
  5. Take notes and visualise. When writing down it sticks better and when you visualise it’s easier to see patterns and connect dots between different sources of information. 
  6. Pause and reflect. At times, it’s essential to choose no information intake to allow what we’ve learned to settle in and create space for reflection. In this way, we can absorb and integrate the information we’ve learned to make our own insights and assumptions.
  7. Schedule focus information time. Instead of constantly streaming information to you, schedule specific times where all you do is take in new information and make that time intentional.
  8. Utilise technology. Make use of the available features to remove noise. Automate, customise, categorise, filter, organise, pin, unsubscribe… Find the way that works for you.
  9. Accept the fact that you will never know everything. Each bit of knowledge you gain is a step in the right direction. It’s an endless journey that is meant to be enjoyed.

Which tip resonates with you the most? Which ones do you already do, which ones will you try out from now on?


By taking ownership of our information intake, we avoid information overload and maintain focus. Embrace your curiosity, be intentional with your intake, and give yourself time to pause and reflect. Remember, we are constantly learning and evolving, and it’s through reflection and intentional intake that we can achieve transformation and growth. It’s not the quantity but the quality of information that matters.

Own your information intake, navigate the overload, and fuel your growth. Embrace curiosity, prioritise the aha!-moments, and be intentional with your choices. Seek what truly interests you, reflect, and make your own assumptions.

Be a curious creator, with care and courage for a joyful and purposeful life in unity.

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