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Discover your curiosity persona.

Welcome to our Curiosity Persona Quiz! This light version is a taster that offers a glimpse into your unique curiosity persona and some quick, fun actions to spark your journey. Feeling intrigued? This is just the start. When you invest in any of Curious Creator’s programs, you’ll get access to the full version of this assessment, complete with in-depth insights and personalised action plans.

The personas unveiled

Curiosity Novice

As a Curiosity Novice, you have just begun your journey of exploration and discovery. You find yourself less inclined to step outside your comfort zone or challenge established beliefs. However, this is an exciting opportunity to ignite the spark of curiosity within you and embark on a path of continuous growth. By actively seeking new perspectives and knowledge, you can unlock a world of exciting discoveries and expand your horizons.

Curiosity Explorer

You have a natural inclination for curiosity, and you’re on the right path towards unlocking your full potential. Keep exploring and embracing new ideas, hobbies, and perspectives. Delve deeper into subjects that intrigue you and actively seek out opportunities to learn and grow. Your journey of curiosity has only just begun!

Curiosity Seeker

Your level of curiosity places you among those who actively seek knowledge and value diverse perspectives. Continue your quest for learning by engaging in thought-provoking discussions, reading books on varied topics, and exploring different cultures. Cultivate a sense of wonder and curiosity in everyday life, and be open to the unexpected. The world is full of fascinating opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Curiosity Enthusiast

Your enthusiasm for curiosity sets you apart as a passionate learner and explorer. Embrace your insatiable thirst for knowledge and dive deeper into subjects that captivate you. Foster connections with like-minded individuals, attend workshops, and seek out mentors who can fuel your curiosity even further. Embrace challenges and continue pushing the boundaries of your knowledge and understanding.

Curiosity Maven

You embody the true essence of curiosity, constantly seeking to unravel the mysteries of the world. Your thirst for knowledge is an incredible asset. Embrace your role as a lifelong learner and share your insights with others. Challenge yourself to engage in interdisciplinary pursuits and explore innovative ideas. Your boundless curiosity has the power to shape the future.

Curiosity Trailblazer

You are a trailblazer, fearlessly embracing curiosity and pushing the boundaries of what is known. Your hunger for new experiences and ideas is awe-inspiring. Continue to challenge norms, inspire others, and seek out groundbreaking discoveries. Embrace your role as a catalyst for change and use your curiosity to make a lasting impact on the world.

Remember, curiosity is a lifelong journey. Embrace your current level of curiosity and keep pushing yourself to new heights. Stay curious, remain open-minded, and let your passion for learning guide you towards a future filled with endless possibilities.

“Being aware of our current state empowers us to take conscious action, paving the way for a more curious tomorrow.”


How curious is your team and organisation?

At Curious Creator, our curiosity assessment offers more than just a quick gauge – it gives you in-depth insights and serves as a benchmark for your organisation’s journey toward greater curiosity. Ready for the transformation? 

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