Looking for a light and playful tool to navigate your product needs?

The Product Needs Navigator transforms the complex task of managing product needs and requirements into a playful, inclusive, and collaborative experience. Optimised for ease of use, rapid adaptability, and a lightweight approach, this tool is ideal for product managers and their teams who need to efficiently assess the overall health of their products on an ongoing basis. It provides a clear, easy-to-understand visualisation, highlighting areas of strength and pinpointing those that require more attention. Simply put, it’s a tool that helps you prioritise what to do next.

Product Needs Navigator

Key features

  • Colour-coded prioritisation: Utilises a traffic light system to categorise product needs:
    • Green for requirements that are currently satisfactory.
    • Yellow as a heads-up for areas needing attention soon.
    • Red to signal immediate action required.
  • Continuous alignment and visual overview: A living tool featuring an easy-to-understand visual format that ensures everyone stays on the same page.
  • Collaborative interface: Designed to facilitate open discussions and consensus, making prioritisation sessions enjoyable and productive.
  • Data as a complement: While gut feeling and team input lead the way, data can be integrated to validate decisions, providing a balanced approach to prioritisation.


  • Fosters team spirit: The light-hearted approach not only makes the process enjoyable but also encourages active participation, facilitating easier engagement and contribution from all team members.
  • Simplifies complex decisions: By visualising overall product health, the Navigator aids in quick and joint decision-making.
  • Enhances product outcomes: By focusing on both intuition and data, the Navigator ensures no critical area is overlooked, improving the quality and success of the product.

Ideal for

  • Product teams looking for a light, simple and engaging tool.
  • Product teams that value a blend of intuitive insight and data-driven decision-making.
  • Product teams interested in a quick, comprehensive and visually appealing snapshot of product health and priorities.

Get started

Contact us today to discover how the Product Needs Navigator can not only simplify but also add a bit of fun and visual appeal to your product management process. Experience how this tool fosters collaboration and drives product success.

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