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Simply be curious

Dive into a world of wonder and inspiration with Simply be curious. This book is more than just pages bound together; it’s a journey to ignite your curiosity, embrace your authentic self, and lead a life filled with joy and purpose.

The book is available in English and will be shipped from Sweden.

Simply be curious is available through various Swedish online retailers, and you see some examples below. If you have questions, contact us and we will be happy to support you.

Main retailer

Solentro: sells, prints and ships the book worldwide.

Select your country and order the book:

Nordic countries

Europe (EU members)

Europe (Non-EU members)*


Such as for example USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, go to:

Other retailers

The two main online book stores in Sweden.

*Customs fees for deliveries outside the EU
Please note that deliveries outside the European Union may incur additional customs fees. These fees vary by country and depend on the specific regulations of the recipient’s country.

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Simply be curious

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