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Welcome to the hub of the “Be a curious creator” movement. Here, we’re not just talking about personal or professional growth; we’re talking about a shift in the way we live, lead, and connect. This is your invite to not only better your own life but also to join a community driven by curiosity, courage, and unity.

Being curious is more than asking “why” – it’s about seeking out the “how” and “what next”. It’s about daring to venture into the unknown, asking tough questions, and unearthing answers that lead us forward. It’s about embracing your unique strengths, purpose, and passion to contribute meaningfully to the world around you.

But let’s take a moment; this isn’t a solo mission. Imagine a world where we all operate at this elevated state. We’re talking communities, teams, and entire organisations that operate from a place of pure curiosity, unity, and purpose. That’s what this movement aims to create. We’re fostering an atmosphere that transcends the individual – it’s a collective striving for a joyful, purposeful life in unity.

Are you with us? Let’s ignite that flame of curiosity within ourselves and spread it far and wide. Together, we can change the world, one curious step at a time.

The be a curious creator’s guide to purposeful living

Our manifesto is what guides us in our everyday lives, it’s the essence of who we aim to be, for ourselves and for the world.

  1. We care for the greater good
  2. We are kind to ourselves and each other
  3. We have an open mind
  4. We are our authentic selves no matter what
  5. We use our strengths and follow our passions
  6. We challenge ourselves and each other, and step out of our comfort zones 
  7. We know that resilience and perseverance is key
  8. We are lifelong learners
  9. We share with confidence
  10. We are stronger together
  11. We choose joy and believe it’s possible

As curious creators there is room for us all and together we create the world we want to live in.

“Be a curious creator, with care and courage for a joyful and purposeful life in unity.”

Be a curious creator

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